Want to be Fast on Your Feet? Eat Beet!

Beetroot has shown to have many positive attributes, especially ones that favor athletes. Many

studies have found that its natural nitrate composition helps aidin speed and endurance. If you’re familiar with nitrates, you may wonder: aren’t nitrates are used to cure and preserve meats?! They can’t be good!

However, manystudies have shown that natural nitrates found in vegetables have positive effects on our body. A study also discovered that in a population of moderately fit athletes, the consumption of 200grams of beets before a 5km run, improved their run by 3% as compared to athletes who did not intake beets.

So… How do you incorporate beets in your diet? Three simple ways are (but not restricted to):

  1. Juicing (with or without other fruits and vegetables)


  2. Adding some roasted beets in your salad

  3. Adding some beets in your shake