Top 5 Reasons Why Coach Ani Brown Loves Triathlons

By Ani de Leon-Brown

Why do people do triathlons? Here are some of the most common answers you will come across with:

To look great.
Healthy lifestyle.

Thrill/ Challenge.

What are your personal reasons for doing triathlons? Nowadays the question only ever pops up in my mind when I am suffering through the last few kilometers of a long distance race. WHY THE HECK AM I DOING THIS AGAIN??? Well, here’s a list I made for myself when I need some reminding!

  1.  I started and just never stopped. I’ve been doing this for such a long time, sometimes I don’t even stop to think about my “WHY.” It’s become second nature!
  2.  I love the social aspect of the sport. I have made lifetime friends in triathlon. I have met people from such diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. So many of them inspire me. It is amazing to witness what human beings are capable of when they commit cialis generique to something.
  3.  Truth be told, I love to eat. Just ask those who live with me. I don’t think that will ever change, so it really helps that I am always moving!
  4.  I like myself more when I train and race. I am a better person when I am doing triathlons. I feel more alive. For me, triathlon is a way of life, not a one-time event.
  5.  Pure Love. Albeit serendipitously, I have made a career out of doing triathlons. What some people don’t realize, though, is that I had been struggling to do the sport for more than a decade before I actually started earning from it. AND I would still continue to do it even if I didn’t earn anything. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will neverhave to work a day in your life.”